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Global Sourcing, Start From China

Global sourcing is a long-term strategy, rather than a tactical. You can see lots of products around you - most of them are Made-in-China. To get you business expanded, you want low-cost products on same or better quality than what you can find in locally today, mostly wholesalers in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are expensive and slow-motion.

"From China" is all you need, sourcing your products directly from China manufacturers. With our help, you can get same or even better products on much lower price.

No Hassle, We Import It For You

Global trading is a very hot topic but with lots of barriers: language difference, local culture understanding and customs. As you can see, we speak English and we understand how China as well as South Africa works very well. We also deal with customs directly, two of them, export from China Custom and import into South African Custom.

Global trading with us is the future, and works just like what you do today. You get your stock from a local company, just more fresh and cost effective.

Our sourcing and importing services make us easy and comfortable to do business with.

China Sourcing Membership

We are here to help you expand your business by sourcing the most competitive products and service for you. We have vital knowledge Chinese products price and stock availability, thats the reason several different packages is cutomized to meet your requirements. Click here for more about our sourcing service membership.

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A PDF Version of membership application form is here. Read more about China Sourcing Membership and Benefits.

Sourcing FromChina

We are a local company, no time difference. We understand South African needs.

Save more than 30% on your costs by sourcing products from China, directly.

We always import highest quality products you money can buy.

We do the heavy-lifting, fussy importing procedures and custom paper work.

We provide honest and professional services. We follow the timetable and meet your deadline.

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